maandag, mei 29, 2006

Their is something coming through...

The BV's are coming through!

After Bla Di La Di their is a new song coming up: BVeez Coming Through. Grandmaestro Bussabeat alias Moon Ra already has the beat, and it's really really great.

Keep visiting....

woensdag, mei 10, 2006

Bla Di La Di

A new song has born. It's called:

Bla Di La Di

And it's great. It's not complete yet, but it is already a dope track.

Keep visiting for more info.

dinsdag, april 11, 2006

Westbank brothers working like motherf********s

Bussabeat has recently created some smooth beats for the mixtape. Yes, I know what you're thinking (nou wat hrluk, that is) but you will have to wait for the official release of our mixtape. Ok, I know it is hard, but you know what they say, "soft healers make stinking wounds", so lay back and wait.

We are currently working some things out with a studio in our beautifull Westbank. But the studio is not so benevolent, so Bussabeat has some plans of building his own humble digital studio. The name of the studio is not official yet, but Westbank Harmony Studio will do.

The're are also some rumours about the Juice Crew reformation, but hey, never believe a gossiping tongue (better believe a Grandmaster Bussabeat).

Keep focused and assalamu aleikum.

woensdag, maart 22, 2006

Hitting the streets

We are planning the release of an unofficial mixtape called In The Pan-Dance Day. This mixtape will be available in Amsterdam, maybe even for free. I'd better switch to Dutch now, but heay, you know me.

This mixtape will include some of our songs on the site, for example Poetry. We will also release new songs, but probably they will be for the mixtape only.

So, keep visiting for more news about the mixtape. The release-date is unknown, but we hope it will be this year (2006 that is).


Grandmaster Bussabus, or Bussabeat

woensdag, februari 15, 2006

In The Pan-Dance Day???

What happened to the Kill to the R?
What happened to Busabus?
What happened tot all our Kippenboys?

We WILL be back! SOON!

maandag, januari 23, 2006

JUIZE FM, Hiphop and R'n'B, from A to Z

As you can see, you can listen to the Dutch urban radiostation Juize FM by clicking the beautiful link (provided by Juize FM) in the sidebar.

Even if you don't understand any Dutch (wich is quite normal if your not from Holland, Belgium, Suriname, South-Africa, Aruba or the Costa del Sol) then that's no problem at all, cause Juize FM especially plays music, not only Dutch hiphop (so-called Nederhop) but also a lot of English music from, yes England, and America.

Of course, as a fan of this site, you should know that we are managing a link to their site from the early beginning, so you can see we are proud followers of Juize FM.

Check it out and tune in to one of the best radiostations in the world! Do it for me!

woensdag, januari 18, 2006

BV's with the remedy Part 2

A new song is now available for download: Freeze Tyle.
You can download it by clicking the link in the sidebar.

Bus Driver is still working on the track so keep visiting.

dinsdag, januari 17, 2006

At this very moment Kilar has finished some of his lyrics and within a few days you can listen to probably two new songs. One of them is an exclusive freestyle on an ancient beat by DJ "Bussabus" Busdriver, the other will be some kind of remix of "I shot the sheriff" by Bob Marley. On the site: you can watch them and some other lics.

zaterdag, januari 14, 2006

BV's with the remedy

Finally, a new track on our site. As you can see, you can now download our new song "Poetry".

This classical b-boy track was produced by Bus Driver and the lyrics where performed by Kill R and MC Oblomow. You can also read the lyrics, as you can see at "lyrics".

Enjoy the song, tell us what you think about it and hasta la victoria siempre!

zondag, januari 08, 2006


Are you still there? Yes, there will be some new tracks soon! Don't get mad! Stop hitting my favourite beaver, please. He's very weak since I infected him with a strange disease.


dinsdag, december 20, 2005

New trrrackz

Soon there will be new songs of The Big Ventus to listen to. We have some special tracks from Kill R, that we're going to record. They resemble "Moorddadige Gedachten" in style, and he has also written some partytracks. So keep an eye on our site.

dinsdag, november 29, 2005

Lekkere trek in een track?

As you can see, The Big Ventus has been working on his new songs. Now you can download four tracks straight from our weblog and soon, the rest will follow!
We now have accounts on NoRecordLabel, Soundclick and Myspace, and you can visit this pages by simply clicking the links in the sidebar. Also check out the link called Juize. This will bring you to the website of Juize FM, a hiphop-radiobroadcaster from the Netherlands.

As you can see, you can download our songs also from the sidebar ----------------------------------------------->

If you have some idea's of how the BV can improve his musical and creative empire, be free to mail us:

Mail the BV!

But first, enjoy our songs!

vrijdag, augustus 26, 2005

Hrluk = Hrluk

After months of hard working, the ambitious songs of The Big Ventus are coming closer and closer. After our first official release, "Moorddadige Gedachten", featuring Amsterdam rapper Kilar, we just released another song based on the same text. Like the true Picasso's of modern day music, we used a part of the text from "Moorddadige Gedachten" for our brand new song.

But what kinda song is it at all? We can proudly call it hip hop, however the true rap-fans will doubt this for sure. The song contains a good old school breakbeat combined with a computerized and robotic voice. This two voices belong too Kilar en MC Oblomow. It's hrluk. The song also contains a view samples, two that is: "Walkin' This Higway" by blues-legend John Lee Hooker, who unfortunately passed away in the year of 2002. It also contains a sample of "Canto Ostinato", a classical piano-duette by Amsterdam pianists Polo de Haas en Kees Wieringa. The song was composed by Simeon ten Holt in 1923.
And because it is a brand new Big Ventus track, it also contains a few expressions of our golden rule: Germany is Duitsland. Who would dare to doubt that?

We are trying to create a base on the internet where you can download the songs.

"Cause their gonna be a day". (Chuck D in Black Steel In The Our Of Chaos).

- The Bus Driver

donderdag, augustus 04, 2005


Welcome to the temporary Big Ventus homepage. Soon (I'll hope) you can visit a real proper website.

A short introduction: The Big Ventus is a band from Amsterdam, Holland. It consists out of four group members and we are trying to keep the sound eclectic: some will call it fusion, we call it The Big Ventus Sound. We want to create a combination of styles and sounds, ideas and inspirations to make that unique flow with a smooth avant-garde touch.

Keep visiting our blogspot for more information!

And always keep in mind our golden rule:

Germany is Duitsland